Reset Azure Migrate Virtual Appliance

Sometimes you will have some requirements to reset your Azure Migrate Virtual appliance.

Here are some of the use cases where you need a reset of Azure Migrate Virtual Appliance

  1. You did some Virtual Machine Migrations as a PoC and deleted those VMs from Azure. Later, you will be able to see that the discovery services are not working well to discover the already migrated VMs
  2. You need to reset the appliance in on-premises to start another project

Here is a simple fix to Reset the virtual appliances installed in your on-premises.

Locate the appliance.json file and open in notepad: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Azure\Config\appliance.json
Search within the file and find the line: "IsApplianceRegistered":
Change the value there from "True" to "False"
Save the file and finally Reboot the server which you have the virtual appliance running

This should reset the Azure Migrate Appliance and you are good to go to handle the above use cases you will have during the Azure Migrate !


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