Adding bulk Network Security Group (NSG) rules with Azure PowerShell Following PowerShell Script can help you to automate the NSG rules creation. In the […]
Export Azure Virtual Machines details from all subscriptions Following PowerShell script can be used to get the details like VmName ResourceGroupName Region VmSize […]
Secure Azure Web Apps in private end point with Azure Application Gateways I am providing the step-by-step instruction on how to Secure Azure […]
Export users list from Azure AD Group You can easily export the list as a csv file with the required attributes by the […]
Copy files between Containers in Azure Storage Account There are some requirements sometimes to run a scheduled task to copy files between storage […]
Setup Virtual machine Backup in Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline using PowerShell Sometimes, for some reasons you need to setup a Windows or Linux […]
Set-MsolUser to remove alternate email address To change the AlternateEmailAddresses, you cannot set it to $null however, it needs to be a array […]
Your Azure credentials have not been set up or have expired, please run Connect-AzureRmAccount to set up your Azure credentials Solution works as […]
How to Remove Microsoft Azure AD Connect using PowerShell Removal of Microsoft Azure AD connect involves both removal from the local domain environment […]
Deploy Docker Images from Azure Container Registry to web app In this blog, I am going through the steps needed to pull a […]
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