Print Azure WebApp Metrics in PowerShell Console as table Here is the script:$WebAppName = Read-Host “Please enter the WebApp Name that the Website(s) […]
Plot Azure WebApp Metrics in PowerShell Console Graph I am sharing a simple PS script which can plot Azure WebApp Requests, Data In […]
Custom RBAC Role-Definition in your AZURE subscription (Virtual Machine, Snapshot Operator) I got a requirement to write a custom RBAC policy with the […]
Create a custom domain name for your azure file share I would like to bring your attention to one of my previous blog […]
AAD sync of non-routable domains Note: Short steps for a skilled person You may use the following cmdlet in on premises to change […]
Set-MsolUser to remove alternate email address To change the AlternateEmailAddresses, you cannot set it to $null however, it needs to be a array […]
Create Blob storage, upload files and list in AZURE PS Copy the following ps script to your ps1 file and run in Azure […]
Quickly Clone a VM in Azure ! Steps Now, we can create manage disk using the snapshot created in the above step. I […]
Add custom performance counter in Azure Log Analytics workbook By default, you have only limited number of performance counters only are available in […]
A breakdown of cloud migration services – AWS/AZURE/GOOGLE CLOUD
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