Add custom performance counter in Azure Log Analytics workbook

By default, you have only limited number of performance counters only are available in Azure Log Analytics workbook. However, you may add custom performance counters as explained in my blog post here:
In this blog I have constructed a custom performance counter for 
Memory Pages/sec for virtual machines

Here are the steps you may need to follow:

Create New Workbook and add custom cmdlets
Go to Monitor ->Virtual Machines (Preview) page and open ‘View Work Books’

Add New Work Book, by clicking ‘+ New’ button there.
Paste the following sample Log Analytics Qury and try a ‘Run Query’ there

Perf | where CounterName == “Pages/sec” and ObjectName == “Memory” | summarize AggregatedValue = avg(CounterValue) by bin(TimeGenerated, 1m), Computer | render timechart

Save the Workbook with the desired name.
Now the workbook will appear in your workbook collection page as below:

Open the new workbook created to see the custom counter created by these steps. You may pin this workbook to dashboard for easy access and usage


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