GENERAL docker –version docker image ls docker container ls docker run –interactive –tty ubuntu bash docker container ls –all Kill running containers: docker […]
1. Create the following file with name something like provider “aws” { access_key = “Your Access Key here” secret_key = “Your Secret […]
Simple fix, self explanatory. But useful to one who starts terraform for the first time Issue Solution terraform plan can work now
AWS Summit 2018 – San Francisco materials are now available online for your reference AWS Summit – San Francisco materials are now available […]
If you have OVF file, instead of OVA format, use any coversion tool. I have downloaded and installed the VMware OVF tool from […]
Hi, I am writing a simple blog on how to use Ansible to interact with AWS EC2 instanaces using the dynamic libraries. Here I […]
Guys, let me start my first blog here… It’s all on an excellent automation tool–ANSIBLE I wanted to share you guys the step-by step […]
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